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Music fountain maintenance music fountain pump is the power of fountain, fountain pump is one of the important fountain equipment. At present, the safety and normal operation of the units are guaranteed, so the daily maintenance is relatively simple

1. Check and deal with bolts or nuts that are easy to loosen.

2. Oil, water, gas pipeline joints, valve leakage treatment.

3. Inspection and treatment of carbon brush, slip ring and insulation of motor.

4. Check whether there is water blocking debris in front of trash rack.

5. Keep the motor dry and check the motor insulation.

6. Check whether the lifting point of the bulkhead gate is firm, and whether there are blocking objects, corrosion and wear on the door side.

7. Maintenance of gate hoisting equipment.

8. Crane maintenance.

9. Clean the unit equipment.

Special attention should be paid to the fact that the equipment must be disassembled and cleaned when it is cold in winter and kept properly.

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