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Fountain maintenance - basic maintenance of fountain
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Fountain is to add garden refinement and beautify the public environment, but the premise is that the fountain can work normally. If the fountain can't work normally, and the fountains are covered with rust, I believe it will not only not add color to the environment, but also affect the beauty of the environment. Therefore, after the fountain construction, some problems existing in the daily fountain maintenance must be paid attention to.

1、 Set up a fixed fountain management personnel, fountain maintenance personnel need to have a certain level of knowledge and technical foundation, be familiar with basic computer operation, have been engaged in equipment maintenance experience in electrical, mechanical and other industries or have received professional training.

2、 The maintenance unit shall appoint maintenance personnel and the construction unit shall be responsible for the training. The main contents of the training include familiarity with fountain equipment, playing fountain, programming, replacement of vulnerable parts, determination and treatment of simple faults and matters needing attention in daily maintenance of fountain. The trainees can participate in the fountain construction and learn in practice.

3、 Fountain maintenance is not a simple daily care and playing of fountains. It is necessary to enhance the awareness of fountain maintenance. For example, when the nozzle is tilted, it needs to be adjusted; if the nozzle is blocked, it needs to be dredged; if the equipment is damaged, it needs to be repaired in time; if the floating objects on the water surface need to be salvaged; if the water quality deteriorates, it needs to be replaced or treated; if the fountain control room needs to be kept clean and not wet, it needs to be maintained.

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