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Fountain repair - installation and maintenance
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Professional training for fountain equipment maintenance personnel, electrical equipment maintenance personnel also need to hold professional certificate; the fountain operators should be assessed every half a year to strengthen the use management.

Installation of fountain equipment

1. The connection of the fountain cable must be carried out under the condition of no water, and the waterproof tape, insulating tape and high-voltage insulating tape shall be used for three-layer protection.

2. The replacement of fountain underwater lamp must be carried out under the condition of no water, and the bolt should be firmly fastened.

Inspection of fountain equipment

Inspection of underwater lamp: the fountain underwater lamp should be checked and tightened once a month to avoid short circuit fault caused by water intrusion into the lamp body.

Cable inspection: the cable not in water shall be inspected once a half a year to check the aging condition to avoid unnecessary loss.

Nozzle inspection: in order to ensure the beauty and consistency of the fountain water type, the nozzle with changing angle should be reset at any time. When resetting, it is forbidden to use sharp objects to knock to prevent the nozzle from being damaged.

Detection of fountain electrical equipment: the fountain electrical equipment should be regularly maintained, and the vulnerable electrical equipment in the cabinet should be maintained at the detection level for half a year. The maintenance and repair of electrical equipment should be carried out under the condition of cutting off the power supply. If live working is required under special circumstances, safety protection measures should be taken, and special personnel should be assigned to monitor the important parts.

Replacement of fountain equipment

1. The standby equipment of fountain should be started and operated regularly (the one with high frequency should be replaced once a day, and the one with low frequency should be replaced once a time) to prevent equipment performance degradation.

2. When the solenoid valve diaphragm is replaced, all the objects falling off in the pipeline should be cleaned up; when tightening the screws, it should be done in diagonal order.

3. Computers and programs are upgraded once a year.

Cleaning of fountain equipment

Cleaning of fountain water pump: the water inlet of fountain water pump should be cleaned every month to prevent dirt from blocking the suction port, reducing work efficiency and even causing equipment damage. During the shutdown of submersible pump in winter, the cooling water must be drained to avoid freezing damage to the pump body, and the valve of oil cooling pump needs to be closed.)

Cleaning of fountain pipeline: once a year. In winter, the water in the pipeline should be drained before the equipment is stopped to prevent the pipeline from freezing and cracking.

Cleaning of fountain nozzle and underwater lamp: clean once every half a year. Pay attention to nozzle riser and underwater color lamp to prevent damage.

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